Labeled Mental Health Film Festival 2017


Severe Persistent Mental Illness plagues 97,000 Utahns annually. The battles and struggles caused by mental illness are real, and its influence upon our community is felt by many. ‘LABELED’ will showcase thought-provoking films that explore mental health issues from numerous perspectives. It’s designed to bring together a community of health providers, government agencies, educators, policy makers, caregivers, and individuals who want to better understand and support those with mental illness.

Tickets are $20 per screening and include: FILM. PANEL DISCUSSION. DESSERT SOCIAL. ART. ENTERTAINMENT.

March 24
7:00 pm Comedian Christophe Davidson & Therapy Shorts Buy Tix Now
Screening of seven Therapy-Short films followed by panelist discussion.
Bellissima - 12 min running time
Millelire - 19 min running time
Coward - 6 min running time
Folie à Deux - 4 min running time
Through The Hawthorne - 11 min running time
Charlie Cloudhead - 8 min running time
Pitter Patter Goes My Heart - 22 min running time.

For more information on each short film look under Films here

March 25
4:00 pm Documental Short Series Buy Tix Now
Documental Short Series followed by panelist discussion.
Drôle D’Oiseau - 15 min running time
Fog - 18 min running time
Not My Brother - 12 min running time
Good Words - 10 min running time
For more information on each short film look under Films here.
6:30 pm KRISHA Buy Tix Now
 Full-length film KRISHA followed by panelist discussion.
Krisha returns for Thanksgiving dinner after ten years away from her family, but past demons threaten to ruin the festivities. (83 min., R)
March 26
2:00 pm Animated Mind Shorts Buy Tix Now
Series of 5 animated mind shorts followed by Panelist discussion.
Dissonance - 17 min running time
Fear - 8 min running time
Edmond - 9 min running time
Reuben Leaves - 5 min running time
Living In Space - 12 min running time